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"Ms. Parsons brought more than just an understanding of website design to the table, she also brought a strong knowledge of nonprofit infrastructure and processes.  

She truly has brought forward a wealth of knowledge for us. With this we have been able to gain an understanding of how “other” organizations may or may not operate and compare these practices to better our organization. " 


robin parsons, owner

Parsons Marketing Concepts  & events by pmc


Parsons Marketing Concepts offers a variety of business knowledge to assist with all of your current needs. Owner, Robin Parsons offers years of experience in marketing management, finance, event promotion / management and business / association management. She also dedicated 7 years to building a fledgling non-profit into one of the strongest in the region. This was also accomplished during one of the worst times in recent history when many businesses had to close their doors permanently.  

Parsons Marketing Concepts has also been selected as the only Certified Partner of the Wild Apricot Software Platform in the State of Florida to assist with all your website needs. Wild Apricot software was launched in 2006 and Ms. Parsons began working with them in 2007. We want to help you succeed in whatever path you have taken. Whether you are bringing your business or non-profit to the next level or just getting your doors open. 



During the downturn in the economy, Ms. Parsons observed a change in corporate and non-profits structuring; businesses were downsizing, and the first departments being cut were marketing and events. Marketing, events and fundraising efforts also began to decline as Return on Investment decreased. The remaining staff members were also left to cover the job duties of others, with little or no experience in the field. 


With the return in the economy, Events by PMC  has created an opportunity to help non-profit entities by offering event planning and coordination with minimal staff support, minimal out of pocket expenses and revenue at the end of the day. They have been able to create a cost effective solution for non-profits, government municipalities and others where in most cases, the events actually pay for themselves.  We understand that increasing the bottom like as quickly as possible is the only way to get you fully functioning again.