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 Wild Apricot is the #1 membership
​management system on the market according to Capterra, who recently conducted research to find out "which membership management software options are the most popular."


Use your website as the single, unified communication point. Integrate your website with member database, event calendar and online fundraising functionality. No more copy-pasting or export-importing between various systems. When a member applies online, they can pay with a credit card, the system dispatches an email confirmation, informs the administrator and activates member access to a private website section. A fully automated, seamless integration!

Grow your community and attract more people to your cause.  Create and customize a professional-looking website. Engage your supporters and members with a blog and discussion forum; let them create online profiles and get listed in an online directory. Reach out with an integrated email tool to send newsletters and have the system send automatic event notices and reminders. 

Save money.  Replace five pieces of software with one.  Instead of maintaining a separate member database, paying for website hosting, online donation services, email tools and event registration, use Wild Apricot to automate these tasks. Avoid setup fees and surcharges on credit card processing or transaction fees. Save on training. The system can be used by inexperienced volunteers. If they can use Microsoft Word, they can use Wild Apricot.

Automate tedious administrative tasks.  Wild Apricot replaces and automates time-consuming processes in your organization: new member application processes, membership renewal and dues payments, event registrations, online donations. Automate donation confirmations, membership renewal notices, broadcast individualized emails to members and event attendees and reach out to donors.

certified partner



Parsons Marketing Concepts is proud to be the only Wild Apricot Software Certified Partner in selected in the State of Florida.

We offer a unique perspective that other don't.

In today’s world countless non-profits and member organizations are severely understaffed, many with only one or two full time members. I am fully aware of this statistic because before founding PMC, I ran a fledgling membership based non-profit for 7 years, 5 of which I was the sole employee. I not only build websites, I understand the challenges you are facing and the best solutions. I became involved with Wild Apricot in 2007, the same way you have; I needed an easier solution to manage my organizations membership.

We don't design a website and turn it over. We offer business and non-profit management expertise to analyze your organization as part of our process. This helps you use the Wild Apricot platform to its fullest potential. We also include training on how to best utilize all of the amazing functionality Wild Apricot has to offer as part of our overall proposal.  

If you have limited staff, we provide ongoing administrative support options as well as social media management.

Please contact us if you or your organization would like to discuss the options available with a Wild Apricot site and evaluate your current needs.


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Increase event attendance.  Ensure people don't miss an event.  With an online event calendar, automated e-mail notices and reminders people can easily register and pay online. No manual work is required on your part and members do not have to re-type personal details every time.

Involve volunteers easier.  With a web-based system, volunteers can work on assigned tasks from where and when convenient. They sign in with secure personal logins and access the functions you have enabled for them. As long as they are comfortable using a software like Microsoft Word, your most eager supporters can use Wild Apricot tools to help you out. No need for advanced technology skills or expensive training.

Attract and retain your members with better service.  Let your members apply for membership and pay dues online, update their contact information, participate on the blog and discussion forums and register for events online. Provide them with a secure access to a members-only private website section.

Improve communications.  The online member directory makes it easier for members to search and contact each other. People provide feedback and engage with one another using the blog and discussion forum. Email tools help you reach out to all the people in your list - or target a select group.

Stay on top of your data.  Wild Apricot dashboard provides instant overview of the most recent and critical data about your organization. Member list shows you at a glance your membership by each level and recently joined members or lapsed members. Reports show up-to-date revenues from new membership, renewals, event registrations and donations.

Increase the transparency of your organization.  Board and committee members can directly access your Wild Apricot system to view current reports and statistics.

Sample Sites


"During the past two years Ms. Parsons has developed complex websites for two different nonprofit professional organizations with which I am associated.  In addition to normal website information, we were able to automate our continuing education offerings, dues collection and other bookkeeping functions through her help with our Wild Apricot website development for the AACP.  Ms. Parsons has excellent ideas and in-depth knowledge of website design and implementation.  She is very responsive to questions and help requests and it is a pleasure to work with her.  She is well organized, delivers things on schedule and is available for future consultation as the organizations grow and our needs expand."

Mary Ann Norfleet, PhD, ABPP



"Parsons Marketing Concepts did a fantastic job meeting our needs. Robin Parsons helped us through the process every step of the way, responding quickly to emails with good cheer and expertise. The training that Robin provided was invaluable. Our website looks and functions 100% better. Wild Apricot allows our non-profit organization to meet the needs of our members in a more efficient way. I enthusiastically recommend Parsons to anyone looking to adopt Wild Apricot."

Timothy B. Neary - Executive Director

​"Since retained Ms. Parson, she tackled what, to us, was an overwhelming project by systematically analyzing our organizational needs and incorporating all those elements in to our new site.  She had the ability to organize, redesign, and update our site to offer our visitors a clean interface and design, where it flows seamlessly and is very user friendly. Today, we are pleased that the Florida Association of Private Investigators web site is now well- designed, functional, and offers informative and functional pages. Moreover, Ms. Parsons has ensured that through her design and use of the most current technology, our website will remain updated and continually provide relevant content to our visitors.  

Further, each year our organization hosts an annual litigation and investigators conference that is promoted throughout the nation and internationally.  Ms. Parsons was able to review the materials we had and assist us with cleaner branding so that our conference information can be delivered to our attendees, speakers, vendors and association members.  

We have since asked Parsons Marketing Concepts to continue to provide us with consulting services and website maintenance to help streamline the current processes we have in place."    

Harvey Morse, Founder


"The Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors (WAHI) secured the services of Parsons Marketing Concepts to build a website for the organization. Ms. Parsons brought more than just an understanding of website design to the table, she also brought a strong knowledge of nonprofit infrastructure and processes.  

This insight allowed her to make several suggestions on how we could improve the management of our day to day operations and how the website could cut back on our overall staffing needs. She was always prompt to return emails and phone calls when we had questions. I was even more impressed that she worked on our project at all hours of the day, including late at night.   We have since secured her services to assist with staff management and review processes as well as contract negotiations with our Executive Director. She truly has brought forward a wealth of knowledge for us. With this we have been able to gain an understanding of how “other” organizations may or may not operate and compare these practices to better our organization.  

She was the most helpful and friendliest company I encountered during our search process for a web designer. We felt she went the extra mile with everything she has done for us to date. We will continue to seek her advice on infrastructure of our organization. "

Doug Hoerth, Board Member


"Having contracted and closely worked with Ms. Robin Parsons of Parsons Marketing Concepts, I was given the opportunity to witness her heightened level of aptitude, work ethic, programming knowledge, and professional abilities. Ms. Parsons made the intimidating, and difficult, task of redeveloping an antiquated website built on very complex data sets a pleasurable and low stress experience.

Robin bridged the gap between our vision with limited programming knowledge/vocabulary and an amazing final product that exceeded our expectations and needs. Working with multiple personalities and opinions from our organization, she proved herself to be very effective solely and even more so as a team member on the project. Robin took our unclear concept and guided us through the redevelopment process helping shape and evolve our vision to be better than we hoped. Prepared with solutions to current and potential problems, Ms. Parsons’ experience gave her the ability to anticipate conflicts between functionality and design.

Exhibiting a positive attitude at every meeting and prompt with her work, Ms. Parsons set the new standard we will expect from future contracted professionals. Robin’s passion, abilities, and capacity exceed those discussed here. Having been in business for over 37 years working with countless organizations and contracted professionals, I strongly recommend Ms. Robin Parsons programming and web development services"

​Donald M. Young, Jr., Board Member


“Robin Parsons developed a first rate website and member management implementation in Wild Apricot that exceeded our expectations, on time and on budget. She is a delight to work with, listens carefully, advises thoughtfully and responds promptly. Her approach to design and workflow have enhanced our members’ experience, decreased our expenses and reduced the time and effort needed to run our association.

“We couldn’t be happier with the result or with our work with Robin, and recommend her enthusiastically as a Wild Apricot partner.”

John Lehmann, President


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